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Advanced First Aid

Just signed up for a Remote EMT class at Remote Medical in Seattle. Course outline can be found here: Remote EMT Class. This is an extensive course that goes through enough to get ready for

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Spring Cleanup

Just finished two days of spring cleaning. Me, lots of mess, pasta readymade dinner and music. Any and all storage spaces where emptied, tidied and whatever was expired, thrown out. Keep in mind that sun

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Safety Weekend

One subject that I take seriously is safety at sea. When we take the boat out sailing, we who are sailing her, is responsible for children, my family and friends and visitors onboard. I remember

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Chemical Free @ Sea

When you have gone to the length of obtaining environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to your boat, it is time to put it to good use. With any microfibre cleaning product, you will only need to

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Reducing chemicals on a boat

A lot of effort today is aimed at reducing plastic that is disposed of in the seas and eventually ending up on our shores. I support a 100% the effort of reducing the plastic and

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