I like to share experiences and help others to make sure they do not make the same mistakes as I do. I made a few mistakes, saw some potential for doing things differently and would like to share that with you all.

I have divided the information into a few posts to make it easy to organize. The contract is  general to any purchase while the rest is specific to Hanse Yachtwerft which makes Hanse, Moody, Fjord and Dehler.

This post will be dealing with Greifswald, where to stay, chandlery and practical information to help you save money and time. The next post will be dealing with the contract and the last with the handover. After these three posts, I really hope you will be in a better position to buy a boat!

Hanse Yachts are in Greifswald Germany and is a 3 hours drive with some stops from Berlin airport. Rent a car at the airport, which is really easy and fast if you have booked ahead of time, and just drive directly to the highway and you are off. If you plan to leave the rental car in Greifswald, book with Sixt which has an agent 10 minutes walk from the shipyard.

Staying in Greifswald is also not bad. It is an old town with a nice square to go out and eat. The easiest place to stay is the apartments rented out by Yachtwerft (http://www.yachtwerft-hgw.de/) inside the shipyard area. They are also managing the local marina. These are really popular and must be book ahead of time. You book these buy calling Yachtwerft on +49 3834 7713390. If they do not have space, the best place to book is the Alter Speicher in the harbour close to the city square (http://www.alter-speicher.de/)

Hanse Yacht and many sales agents use two main companies to do the extra work you ask of them. One is Yachtwerft which can do almost any outfitting of your boat. I found out they installed the laundry machine and shelf system in my boat including pipes, power and drains. If you need anything other than standar setup from the factory, go to them directly to save money. The chandlery, Wendel&Rados, onsite is also the riggers for Hanse and they do a lot of electrical work for Hanse as well. They have anything you might need or not need for your boat. A visit to the shipyard before your boat is finished should include a visit to Wendel&Rados to outfit your boat with anything from cutlery and plates to advanced electronics. You can call them on +49 3834 771340 or alternatively online at http://www.yachtausruester.de. Wendel&Rados is also a Elvstrom dealer for any sails, bimini, covers etc you would need.

Another person who is really good to know is Hannes Krauel. He used to work for Hanse Shipyard but is now having his own company that outfits sailboats. If you want to do anything after handover that involves installation of smaller items or medium alterations, Hannes is the goto person. Calling him directly will save you money as he is used by other companies who take about 20% on top of his hourly rates. He can be contacted on 0049 (0)162 3348 321 or email krauel240@gmail.com

A cautionary note, if you ask Hannes, Yachtwerft or Wendel&Rados to do work on your new boat, they will normally not be able to access your boat until after the handover. Warranty is also following German law not your local country’s warranty regulations.

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