When you have gone to the length of obtaining environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to your boat, it is time to put it to good use.

With any microfibre cleaning product, you will only need to use water. There is no need to use any chemicals in addition to your microfibre product. First rule of thumb is to use dry cleaning as much as possible. If what you are trying to clean is not stuck to the surface, then use microfibre dry without adding any water. A dry microfibre product removes just as many bacteria as a wet one but usually removes more dust and hair etc. And you will clean a lot faster. On a boat, it is usually humid and dry cleaning becomes a theoretical exercise. With adding water to a microfibre product, you can remove stains from a surface and anything with fat in it. Cleaning your kitchen counter tops, windows, mirrors, faucets etc. is just wiping it with a damp microfibre wipe. Generally add water to a wipe or mop so that it weights twice as much as it is dry. A microfibre products can also be used to clean the hull! Try to use the dinghy next to the boat to clean the hull with a mop on an extended mop handle.

Window cleaning is a breeze, just use a small spray bottle and apply some water to the window and clean it off with a microfibre cloth made for cleaning windows. They are woven and not knitted to prevent any lint from being left on the window.

Now to the size of the mops. I found that using the smallest size mops gives me easy access to clean around the boat. Larger mops sizes gets too large for practical use. Here too, I find using a spray bottle to add some water to clean hard to remove spots is enough. No chemicals used in mopping either!

Below talks about chemical free cleaning liquids and solids. Since they do not contain any chemicals that kills bacteria or immediately dissolves stains, they have to be left in place to work. They contain different natural bacteria or cleaning agents which does magic for you totally safe. This could be enzymes or citrus etc. Leave it on to work for some minutes, the actual time depending on what solution you use and what you clean.

Cleaning the heads and showers is done by using Norwex’s Blue Diamond and Descaler,  chemical free cleaning products (Blue Diamond https://youtu.be/pBLso-Co31s). For Blue Diamond:

  • Heads: Squirt a light stream over the inside bowl area, spreading around the bowl and under the rim with the toilet brush. Allow to work 3 to 5 minutes then flush clean.
  • Basins and showers: Pre-wet surface. Apply a light stream on surface and immediately spread with a cloth. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Do not use on aluminum, galvanised zinc, tin or magnesium surfaces. If contact occurs, rinse immediately.

In the galley use Norwex’s Cleaning Paste (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tB17cor1YE) in addition to the Diamond Blue and  the microfibre products for the gas stove, microwave etc. The cleaning paste is also great on cleaning and remove rust from the deck, rail, bimini and sprayhood fittings, railing, various terminals etc.


Keep in mind not to use fabric softener when your clean your microfibre products as it discharges the static charge in the fabric needed to pick up dust. If you do, just wash the products again without any softener this time. Also do not use any bleach/chlorine. They break down the fabric.  You can use Norwex’s own laundry solution to clean your cleaning wipes and your cloths!

If you have a BBQ onboard, there is a great BBQ/Grill and Oven cleaner you can use. Leave the liquid on for about 5 to 7 minutes before you wipe it off using only water. This is needed as the Oven and Grill cleaner is enzyme based and chemical free. (See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoLuUpOJPC4) Dishes are done with Norwex Dish Soap to ensure we did not add chemicals to our dishes we did by hand and the Superjet dishwasher soap for the dishwashing machine.

This is how I kept the boat Chemical Free @ Sea!

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