About S/Y Sarah

S/Y Sarah is a Hanse 588 (Hull 19) built in Greifswald Germany in 2017 by the Hanse shipyard. She is registered in Oslo Norway, but has Barcelona as a home base. During the winter months we sail around Barcelona and the Balearic islands on trip up to 10 days while in the supper she is around the Mediterranean from April till August.

The logo on both sides of the bow and on the port side on the stern is Vegvisir an old viking age compass rose believed to originate from Iceland. Vegvisir is belived to have guided the Norsemen safely across the seas.


Sail Plan

S/Y Sarah has a 82.5 square meter in-mast electrical furling main sail, a 64 square meter self tacking jib on a manual furler on the inner forestay, a 125 square meter Code X on an electric furler on the outer forestay and a 200 square meter gennaker on a top-down furler. The main winches are electrical while the secondary are manual.

The Code-X is a light wind sail that is used up to 14 knots apparent wind on angles from around 40 to 150 degrees. The self-tacking jib is used when winds exceed 14 knots.

S/Y Sarah averages around 180 nautical miles over a 24 hour period, but can sail up to 10.5 knots on a beam rich and 13 – 15 knots wind. Typically in winds of 8 to 10 knots, she will sail around 6 to 7.5 knots with the Code-X light wind sail.

Technical details

  • LOA                16.68m
  • Beam              5,2m
  • Draft               2.85m
  • Mast Height  26m
  • Home Port    Oslo, Norway
  • Callsign          LFAI
  • MMSI            257017970